St. John's Church Kolkata
St. John’s Church Kolkata, the original parish church of Bengal, holds a distinguished position in India’s history. It proudly became the first Anglican cathedral in the Indian subcontinent, signifying its crucial role during the early years of British presence in Calcutta. The foundation of this iconic structure was laid by Lieutenant James Agg, with its architecture standing as a testament to British legacy and architectural brilliance.

Christmas Service in St. John's Church Kolkata

On December 25, 2023, St. John’s Church celebrated Christmas with a heartwarming service led by Reverend P. K. Nanda. The atmosphere was festive, adorned with beautiful decorations, and enhanced by special musical and dramatic performances. The congregation engaged in community outreach, spreading love through Christmas hampers and charitable initiatives. The service also acknowledged and appreciated the contributions of individuals within the congregation. This joyous and meaningful celebration marked the culmination of the festive season, fostering fellowship, reflection, and a shared spirit of love and hope among its members.

CELEBRATION OF FATHER’S DAY in St. John's Church Kolkata

On 18th June, 2023 we celebrated Father’s Day and felicitated The Revd. P. K. Nanda and all the other fathers present in the congregation. The Fathers were not only overwhelmed but also overjoyed with the recognition they received through a small token of love and appreciation from the St. John’s Church family

CELEBRATION OF WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY (5th June) in St. John's Church Kolkata

We at St. John’s Church celebrated WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY on 4th June after the Sunday Church Service. The members of the church along with Revd. P.K. Nanda, planted saplings to contribute to ‘Green Earth’ and be a part of creating a better cleaner environment for the sustenance of life and a balance in the ecosystem.